Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Time

Yup, I've been slacking. I just started school this week and my fiance has been out of town. It was a major change in life around here. So, I'm trying to catch up.

My first official weigh in was at 278. EEK! Just an FYI, it has taken a lot of courage to be able to share a lot of this information (like my personal feelings about being fat and my actual weight) with you, my readers. With this new schedule change (AKA, starting school) I have been getting a considerable amount of exercise. Maybe not for most people. For me, booking it ALL THE WAY across campus in 5 minutes everyday is much more "moving" then I did before. My weigh in this morning : 275. YAY!

So, I started the green smoothie thing. I had one. It gave me lots of "tummy" trouble and I have stopped. WTG Ashley. LOL! While my green smoothie start wasn't what I imagined, I have done a much better in my eating habits. I have not been eating anywhere near the amount of what I was before. That, added to the exercise I have been getting and alakazam... 3 pounds gone! YAY!!!!!

So, this week has been a lot of "on the go" meals for me. I imagine that once I am actually eating decent food combined with the exercise and smaller portions, the weight will come off much easier. Not to mention the fact that I had a big change in my contraception method which the doctor informed me now that I have switched, the weight will come off much easier.

One more very personal thing to share. I calculated my BMI. "They" say this is the most accurate scale of your weight. Well, a BMI consists of calculating your weight, age and height. A "normal" BMI is in the range of 18.5-24.9, "overweight" is 25-29.9, "obese" is 30-39.9, and "morbidly obese" is 40+. Would you like to know where I fall in this range? 47.2

That calculation was an eye opener for me. Morbidly obese? Really? I only thought that of people who are 400+ pounds. Nope! So, for my sake, and yours, I ask you to go calculate your BMI today. I am curious to know if you think you fall where you should. There are a lot of women out there I would consider "normal" and I wonder if the BMI calculator does as well.

So, this is all for tonight. I know I jumped around a bit but I needed to catch up on all of my thoughts. Maybe another weigh in tomorrow?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yup, big oops! I made a big no-no today. While driving to Deer Park (which is an HOUR from my house) I had one VERY unhappy toddler. My solution, stop and grab him some fries so he'll stop screaming. Well, I should have been a good girl and only got Aidan fries, instead of getting a medium fry for us to share and a burger. UGH! Why must I do this to myself? This was a step in the wrong direction!

So, I am getting back on track by treating myself to some fresh fruit for dinner while the boys enjoy their pizza (afterall, I already splurged today). Well, I'm off for a nap, too little sleep last night and a screaming toddler for an hour today makes for a tired Mommy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost There

So, tomorrow will be my first official weigh in. I can't decide how often to do them. Today I bought myself a good ol' Sunbeam scale. It's a little weird, it weighed right when I bought it and 15 minutes later at home it added 5 pounds!!! UGH! Oh well, we'll just read what it says and go from there.

I took another big step in getting the weight off... I had my Mirena removed. Maybe TMI, but here goes. While my OBGYN told me that it doesn't neccesarily cause me to gain weight, now that it's out I will lose it much more easily. WooHoo! WHile modern medicine has made things easy (like birth control and the fabulous period free year and a half I've been on it) it also seems to be a big pain in the butt. I also had some other icky side effects (which by the way are not common).

Moving on once again.... I don't have a set in stone diet or some fabulously extensive exercise plan to lose this weight. We actually don't eat too terrible in this house. We don't do snackie junk food, soda or dessert (too often anyways, I do love me some ice cream every once in awhile), no chips either. I am a chromin fast food eater though, I always grab something while out running errands... that is going to stop. I am limiting myself to one "out to eat" a week. I also have a HUGE problem with portion control. Rather then starting to eat like a mouse to lose the weight, I am simply going to stop any return trips to the food. No more seconds or thirds. THese last couple nights we have had... *gasp*.... leftovers in my house! WooHoo! I have also learned that if I put the leftovers in the fridge right after we eat, I don't want more. I used to leave it out until Aidan went to bed then I would pick up. In the meantime, I would stop and grab a bite everytime I walked by the kitchen. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

On the advice of a high school friend I haven't seen in probably 8 years... I am trying a green smoothie. I did a lot of research on these since she mentioned it and I didn't know what they were. A green smoothie basically consists of leafy greens and fruit. You can add whatever you would like but most places recommend just water, ice, greens and fruit. Before you say "EEEWWWW", these actually are supposed to be yummy. APparently you can't taste the greens, just the fruit. Green smoothies are packed with nutrients that a lot of people don't get into their diet. From the fruit to the leafy greens (spinach, kale, mixed greens, etc) we don't eat enough! Leafy greens are packed with nutrients! Thus, starting Monday, I am having one for breakfast and any leftovers as a snack. The nutrients in these are actually a great energy boost as well, which will make a great start to my day. Not to mention that apparently children enjoy them too. What a great way to get some more healthy stuff into Aidan. One more thing about these smoothies, they are a great, all natural body cleanse!

Alright, there's one more thing is this "plan" of mine to shed the pounds: supplements. I do not drink milk or eat enough milk based products. I ahve been advised by my doc that getting the adaquate amount of calcium will also help me lose the weight. So, I am also taking my calcium supplement. On the advice of that high school friend I mentioned I am also trying a cod liver oil supplement. We'll see how that one goes.

Alright, time for me to end this one.... my first weigh in will be first thing tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Little Background

Alright, so I know I am not doing a good job at keeping up my other blogs but this one has a point (other then keeping friends and family abreast of the happenings in our household). I have weight to lose, it's no secret. I figure if I write about it, it will help keep me accountable for losing the weight (since I know you are reading) and if I lose it, it will give me something to blog about! It's a win-win situation... right?

Weight has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I was a size 16 my junior year of high school and kept it there for a couple years, going up to an 18 and then back down to a 16 right when I met Anthony. I was back at an 18 in June of 2007 and then got pregnant with Aidan. I gained 50 lbs and after giving birth was a size 22. Well, my size 22 jeans are getting snug.... ugh! Around my waist that is, they fit elsewhere. Not to mention I topped the scales at 280.

OMG! almost 300 pounds, never in my life did I EVER think I would reach that point. EVER! I was a cheerleader and certainly a party girl. Since when do the 300 pound girls party and shake their pon-poms in short skirts????

I keep telling myself it's time to lose the weight. Afterall, I have a toddler to keep up with. I'm tired of being short of breath, not being able to shop for clothes in the "regular" stores, spending more money on those "plus sized" clothes, being uncomfortable, and the "looks". Not to mention that I weigh 120 pounds MORE then my fiance who can't put weight on but keeps losing it... jealous? YES!

There are things I would like to do: like sky dive (which has a weight limit), have another child (more on this later) and actually fit comfortably into things (like the rides at the fair, etc). Of course, smaller jeans, breathing easier, being more comfortable in my own skin and chasing my son down without breaking a sweat would be nice.

As for more kids. We have finally come to the decision that once I have met my weight and we are financially ready, we will start trying to have another child. YAY! I am excited and I think that is probably my biggest motivating factor. I must point out, this does NOT mean tomorrow, or next month... but when we are READY for another child.

Look for another post tomorrow for more on the start of my weight loss!