Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Time

Yup, I've been slacking. I just started school this week and my fiance has been out of town. It was a major change in life around here. So, I'm trying to catch up.

My first official weigh in was at 278. EEK! Just an FYI, it has taken a lot of courage to be able to share a lot of this information (like my personal feelings about being fat and my actual weight) with you, my readers. With this new schedule change (AKA, starting school) I have been getting a considerable amount of exercise. Maybe not for most people. For me, booking it ALL THE WAY across campus in 5 minutes everyday is much more "moving" then I did before. My weigh in this morning : 275. YAY!

So, I started the green smoothie thing. I had one. It gave me lots of "tummy" trouble and I have stopped. WTG Ashley. LOL! While my green smoothie start wasn't what I imagined, I have done a much better in my eating habits. I have not been eating anywhere near the amount of what I was before. That, added to the exercise I have been getting and alakazam... 3 pounds gone! YAY!!!!!

So, this week has been a lot of "on the go" meals for me. I imagine that once I am actually eating decent food combined with the exercise and smaller portions, the weight will come off much easier. Not to mention the fact that I had a big change in my contraception method which the doctor informed me now that I have switched, the weight will come off much easier.

One more very personal thing to share. I calculated my BMI. "They" say this is the most accurate scale of your weight. Well, a BMI consists of calculating your weight, age and height. A "normal" BMI is in the range of 18.5-24.9, "overweight" is 25-29.9, "obese" is 30-39.9, and "morbidly obese" is 40+. Would you like to know where I fall in this range? 47.2

That calculation was an eye opener for me. Morbidly obese? Really? I only thought that of people who are 400+ pounds. Nope! So, for my sake, and yours, I ask you to go calculate your BMI today. I am curious to know if you think you fall where you should. There are a lot of women out there I would consider "normal" and I wonder if the BMI calculator does as well.

So, this is all for tonight. I know I jumped around a bit but I needed to catch up on all of my thoughts. Maybe another weigh in tomorrow?


  1. When I was in the AF, their weight standards went on BMI. Overweight for my height (I am 5'6") was just 154 pounds! The average woman in America is a size 12, which would easily put them into the overweight category. It really is eye opening to look at it that way, since a good amount of Americans would be considered overweight, although we've begun to look at it as normal. Good luck to you again!

  2. Thanks Linda! For some reason my email isn't sending me comments.... I didn't notcie anyone commented on my new blog!

  3. Go you lady!!! Any excersise is good exersise in my opinion. Maybe your next excersie challenge should be to pick up a pedometer and try to obtain the elusize "10,000" steps a day??
    I too had probs with green smoothie for awhile...if you are not used to eating that much fruit/veggies then your bowels will definatley take about 1 week of eating them to get adjusted!!
    I think its great you are thinking long term of "better eating habits" but have you thought of what that means to you personally? Like x amount of fruit/veg a day. Severely limiting pre made foods? I have to think about this alot and evaluate what eating "good" means to my family!! (it changes!!)
    Check this out if you truly don't care for the green smoothies this is what I give Carissa in her milk most mornings. I too add some to my smoothies! They sell it in pre mixed packs which is nice to send hubby to work with! Thier chocolate reminds me of carnation instant breakfast.
    Don't buy from there though!!!
    You are doing so great!

  4. You are doing so great and are so brave to put everything out there! Just keep doing what you are doing and you will get there. It all takes time and you have the motivation already which is half the battle. If you just keep adding exercise a little bit at a time and readjusting your eating as you see fit then you will do it...every day is a new day!

  5. I agree with Juli! Everyday is a new day.
    I'm sure it's very hard to be so openly personal when you know your friends are reading what you write but it's soo good to be kept accountable this way too. I didn't read any post and say, "OMG NO WAY" I actually think this is a great idea and you go for posting it.
    Something my dr. told me is when losing weight you should weigh yourself once a week before a shower naked. Since your body weight can varie day by day just because of the water intake.
    Good luck!