Friday, September 18, 2009


Yup, big oops! I made a big no-no today. While driving to Deer Park (which is an HOUR from my house) I had one VERY unhappy toddler. My solution, stop and grab him some fries so he'll stop screaming. Well, I should have been a good girl and only got Aidan fries, instead of getting a medium fry for us to share and a burger. UGH! Why must I do this to myself? This was a step in the wrong direction!

So, I am getting back on track by treating myself to some fresh fruit for dinner while the boys enjoy their pizza (afterall, I already splurged today). Well, I'm off for a nap, too little sleep last night and a screaming toddler for an hour today makes for a tired Mommy!

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  1. I think it's important to cut yourself a break here and there. Obviously not everyday with every meal, but just enough to keep you positive and to make sure you don't start to resent the whole losing weight process. Don't be so hard on yourself, french fries are a major weakness! I'm a big fast food eater too, and I just realized how much we spend to pick up something I could make at home so I'm avoiding it too! We'll stay strong together! :)

    PS We need to get together so I can get you those kashless things!