Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost There

So, tomorrow will be my first official weigh in. I can't decide how often to do them. Today I bought myself a good ol' Sunbeam scale. It's a little weird, it weighed right when I bought it and 15 minutes later at home it added 5 pounds!!! UGH! Oh well, we'll just read what it says and go from there.

I took another big step in getting the weight off... I had my Mirena removed. Maybe TMI, but here goes. While my OBGYN told me that it doesn't neccesarily cause me to gain weight, now that it's out I will lose it much more easily. WooHoo! WHile modern medicine has made things easy (like birth control and the fabulous period free year and a half I've been on it) it also seems to be a big pain in the butt. I also had some other icky side effects (which by the way are not common).

Moving on once again.... I don't have a set in stone diet or some fabulously extensive exercise plan to lose this weight. We actually don't eat too terrible in this house. We don't do snackie junk food, soda or dessert (too often anyways, I do love me some ice cream every once in awhile), no chips either. I am a chromin fast food eater though, I always grab something while out running errands... that is going to stop. I am limiting myself to one "out to eat" a week. I also have a HUGE problem with portion control. Rather then starting to eat like a mouse to lose the weight, I am simply going to stop any return trips to the food. No more seconds or thirds. THese last couple nights we have had... *gasp*.... leftovers in my house! WooHoo! I have also learned that if I put the leftovers in the fridge right after we eat, I don't want more. I used to leave it out until Aidan went to bed then I would pick up. In the meantime, I would stop and grab a bite everytime I walked by the kitchen. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

On the advice of a high school friend I haven't seen in probably 8 years... I am trying a green smoothie. I did a lot of research on these since she mentioned it and I didn't know what they were. A green smoothie basically consists of leafy greens and fruit. You can add whatever you would like but most places recommend just water, ice, greens and fruit. Before you say "EEEWWWW", these actually are supposed to be yummy. APparently you can't taste the greens, just the fruit. Green smoothies are packed with nutrients that a lot of people don't get into their diet. From the fruit to the leafy greens (spinach, kale, mixed greens, etc) we don't eat enough! Leafy greens are packed with nutrients! Thus, starting Monday, I am having one for breakfast and any leftovers as a snack. The nutrients in these are actually a great energy boost as well, which will make a great start to my day. Not to mention that apparently children enjoy them too. What a great way to get some more healthy stuff into Aidan. One more thing about these smoothies, they are a great, all natural body cleanse!

Alright, there's one more thing is this "plan" of mine to shed the pounds: supplements. I do not drink milk or eat enough milk based products. I ahve been advised by my doc that getting the adaquate amount of calcium will also help me lose the weight. So, I am also taking my calcium supplement. On the advice of that high school friend I mentioned I am also trying a cod liver oil supplement. We'll see how that one goes.

Alright, time for me to end this one.... my first weigh in will be first thing tomorrow morning!


  1. Hey lady, Thought I would comment and cheer you on...I think you have motivated me with all of your "blogginess" to actually maybe start my own!!! Just an fyi your smoothie might be funky if left for a snack, if thats the case just throw it back in the blender with a bit more fruit or ice.
    I do not drink dairy so I use almond milk in my smoothies (calcium!) Good luck with everything. It takes so much motivation and want to brave up and take the plunge 100% (trust me I am right there with you, I gained 70lbs while preggers!)
    Speaking of milk, you should talk to your ob about getting a food allergy test. which for some people is the life long cause of weight issues (craziness!)
    Don't forget a good multivitamin in your "supplment" category. Rainbow light makes some of the best ones out there. They use only food based vitamins instead of synthetic so your body absorbs it better (kind of like how our body absorbs a salad better then say junk food!)
    Also if you want something else to look at for a smoothie boost google "amazing greens"

  2. You could also try a protein shake. My sister in law swears by them. She said she started adding them to her mornings and lost ten pounds and didn't make any other lifestyle changes. She just throws in some water, yogurt, and protein and blends in all up. I tried one when I was in Seattle with her and they are pretty good! Keep up the good work!! You can do it!